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Peggy Brenner, PhD

Yoga Alliance RYT 500

My group classes are taught in a way that allows each individual to easily scale up or down to meet their needs in the present moment. Breath is used to support the body and facilitate a calm mind. Class ends with meditative deep relaxation that leaves mind, body, and spirit refreshed and centered.

group classes

more than gym yoga

My teaching approach blends the ancient and contemporary, Eastern and Western. It reflects my deep roots in old-school yoga traditions and my advanced education in biochemistry and molecular biology. And my life-changing relationship with Circle Yoga Shala.


On the old-school side, my yoga foundation comes from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, via the lineage of Krishnamacharya. In the last few years, I’ve fallen in love with Ayurveda, and that has added depth and complexity to my teaching (and way of living) that I didn’t know was missing. My science-y side is always asking questions and trying to find ways to discover possible answers, particularly questions related to how things work (and don’t work) for us humans. This part of me brings a problem-solving (and problem-preventing) aspect to my teaching, and it brings curiosity, creativity, passion, and joy.


I’m continually invigorated by how much I still have to learn about living and being, and by the challenge of trying to embody what I learn.

Change is a guarantee in life, and often it brings adversity. We can't control the nature of change (or most things, for that matter), but we can live in a way that sets us up to thrive and grow in the face of all kinds of change. On the other side of difficulty, there are three possible outcomes: you can experience set back, you can bounce back to where you were before, or you can transform the difficulty into growth—you can transcend.


I’m interested in the latter. It’s the goal that fuels and directs my practice and my way of living. It’s what I hope for all of us.

what others say


"I've been practicing with Peggy for about a year, and I am always challenged. My strength and ease of movement have improved, and I've achieved positive body changes. I've also learned to use breathing and stillness to relieve anxiety and help my moods."


--- Sandy Phillips


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Peggy Brenner

Little Rock, Arkansas


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